Getting the pool ready means the hot summer days are on there way!

First let me start by saying how happy I am to be discussing pool spring cleaning tips!

You may very well be thinking it’s still too early to be thinking about the swimming pool, however the sooner you get your pool back into balance for summer…the more enjoyment you’ll have.

As we’re all busy during the shorter winter months, the pool tends to be neglected.

As a result, algae spores constantly enter the pool, brought in by wind or rain. When conditions are right, an algae bloom can occur in a matter of hours.

Some of these conditions include:

  • warmer temperatures
  • out of balance water
  • sunlight and presence of nitrates
  • phosphates and/or carbon dioxide.

In  most cases though, a lack of good circulation, filtration and sanitation is usually the primary cause of pool algae. So for these reason alone, it’s important to get on top of the pool this Spring.

So the following tips can help you get your swimming pool back in good order ready for swimming in Summer.

Prune Back The Shrubs & Other Over Hanging Items

It may seem very odd to be talking about trees and shrubs in pool care tips, however your going to have continual troubles with water balance and filtration if you have leaves and flowers entering the water.

If you have your pool pump & filter situated near gardens or inside garden sheds, make sure to clear a space around both to allow easy access for maintenance and for their longevity.

Pool Cover

If you have a pool cover in place over Winter, then now is the time to remove it & store away. First make sure to clean off any leaves & rubbish plus any water sitting atop.

Hang to cover in a place so it will completely dry off. If necessary, give the cover a clean now so it’s ready to go when Summer has passed again,

Pool Construction Integrity

Depending on what type of pool construction you have (fibreglass in-ground, tiled, concrete or liner) make sure to do an inspection to check of the integrity of the structure and to confirm everything is in good shape.

Look for things like cracks, splits, lifting tiles, staining, and rectify any of those issues now.

If you have stubborn pool stains, view our pool stain remover products on our website.

Pump & Filter Inspection

Give the pump and filter a check for any damage, and wear. For cartridge filters, give particular attention to the cartridge element and o-rings on the filter cap.

It’s more than likely the cartridge element will require cleaning or further more may need to be replaced.

Sand filters will need to be backwashed.

Although its good practice to backwash your sand filter this time of year, there are 3 simple ways to determine when it is due.

The 3 methods are:

  • PSI
  • Water Flow
  • Water Clarity

PSI – An increase of around 10PSI in normal operating pressure is a sign your filter requires backwashing.

Water Flow – A decrease in flow rate of around 40 Litres per minute

Water Clarity – You can measure your pool water clarity by taking a reading of the Total Dissolved Solids (TDS). This is done using an electronic tester. A typical freshwater pool should not exceed 2000 PPM.

TIP: For smaller filters, clean or replace the mesh in the filter for best results. Using a pool filter cleaner product or new filter cartridges or filter sand will result in optimal performance for the duration of Summer.

Inspect your pool pump. Lubricate the pump lid o-ring, and replace the pump lid tightly. Open up any valves before or after the pump if they have been shut off.

Start up the filter pump, and watch for it to catch prime while you look for any parts that may be leaking. Watch the pressure gauge and look for bubbles erupting at the pool returns.

With the pool pump now circulating water without any leaks or other issues, its now time to vacuum the pool.

Vacuum the pool – to waste, if you have a multi-port valve. Just set the valve to the waste position, and run out your backwash hose. After cleaning the pool, run the pump & filter at least a full 24 hours before moving forward any further..

While you’re in cleaning mode, take a look at all of the equipment and pool toys. You maybe surprised to find how much dirt/dust and other contaminants accumulate on toys, coping tiles, entry ladder, rails, etc.

Test & Balance The Pool Water

Getting the water balanced early on can really help to maintain that state during the Summer months.

If the water level is down, then you will have to bring the level back to normal height before testing.

Mains water is already treated and has had its pH corrected. You will however still need to check the Total Alkalinity (TA), salt & chlorine levels of the water once the added water has cycled through the pool filtration system.

Once it has circulated for a full day, either use a DIY pool water test kit or take a sample and head on down to your nearest Trojan Pool Services shop for a precise water quality test.

By running your pool pump for a full 24 hours before testing, you ensure that you are only adding the chemicals you need, and not wasting money on anything unnecessary.

Dose your pool water with the required chemicals as per the instructions provided by the product or your Trojan Pool Services Rep.

It would be normal to have to operate the pool pump for a coulee of days during the chemical dosing period to ensure full circulation and sanitisation.

And that is it.

Your pool is ready to jump in whenever the temperatures hit your favourite swimming level..

This spring time pool care head start makes you ready NOW, and avoids being in panic mode 2 days before the big Summer party you are planning!